Sunday, August 28, 2011

things that people said

i am so thankful for true and good and silly conversations.
for things that make you laugh out loud, from deep in your belly.
here are some encounters from the past few weeks that were exactly what i needed,
when i needed them.

{everything in this day and age is instantaneous now,
except waiting. and that's still the hardest part.}
-my director

{me: so, tell me about him.
her: ugg, he's probably one of those guys
who locks himself in his room, overthinking things
and reading intense books. you know, our type.}
-one of my bests

{me: i'm sorry, i know that's not the original story i told you.
i just didn't know how to talk about it.
her: oh heck, i don't care. you can always lie to me
or omit things if it's going to make you feel better.
me: haha- thanks.}
-my friend & business partner

{him: the world is a big kiss.}
-a good man

{text in the middle of my work day:
her: are you available RIGHT now?
me: i can be, i'm in a meeting, are you ok? call me.
..10 minutes later..
her: oh yeah, i'm fine, i just want to borrow a pair of shoes,
sorry for scaring you.}
-my childhood fav

{him: hey sad eyes (with an elbow jab),
don't take life too seriously,
i hear no one makes it out alive.}
-spry old man at the market

me: see- even then.}
-10 years & counting

{her: what is this? c'mon nashville! this isn't country music.
me: this is a britney spears video with cowboy hats.}
-my best, in blythe

{email, subject: #mainstreamradioiskillingme.
message: after a week of listening to mainstream radio,
i have learned:
it's been a really really messed up week,
starting with what happened last friday night.
but EVERYONE is excited for tonight,
tonight when we do it all again,
including: going all the way to tonight
even though she doesn't know how to love.
we will listen to that super bass,
raise our glasses,
 get on the floor and start shuffling
in our pumped up kicks to the edge of glory
because party rock is in the house tonight!}
-clever fella

{her via text: just making sure you're not dead.
me: i'm not dead.
her: i'm glad sweetie. hi from me to you.}

{them: don't forget to remember who you are,
and when you do,
we'll be here to remind you of true things.}
-the world's greatests

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