Friday, August 19, 2011

{my fellow wanderer}

hi there.
hapy friday.
this week i'm going to feature
one of my nearest & dearest.
equally restless with wanderlust,
she has traveled and played in far more corners of the world than i.
she is 100lbs of fire, passion & love,
and is oh so inspiring.

and today she blogged about wonder & play
(with a little help from 2 greats: bon iver & t.s.eliot)

check out her ideas, insights & current wanderings here:

there, you'll also find this little gem.
{music by bon iver: ‘holocene’ // video by NE direction}

i would like to find that little boy,
and hear of his every adventure.
if you know him,
please let me know.

pick a place to play,
i'll meet you there as soon as i can.


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