Monday, June 24, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


36 hours.
two adventurers,
and their dog.

az :: ca :: az

park walking
neighborhood walking
taco talking
street walking
street art
gallery shoppin
rad shoppe owners with tattoos and vinyl for days
famous people i don't recognize
(story of me & ca)
lister : mr A : retna : revok : rime

good company
thai food porch nights
ciggies and whiskey 
and again, good company
sunday night martinis
open window sleeps
feeling safe in my lover's arms

early morning
coffee brewing
printer printing 
power shower
peets and treats and driving la
the most nervous belly of my entire life
french flags
secret doors
shaky hands
Désolé, je ne parle pas français
stamps and money and envelopes
fingerprints and 'please no smiling'
waiting, and yet more waiting

so many thoughts
barefoot beach walkin 
Asian outfits
polaroids and hashtags
thrift thrift thrift
heels and treasures and parking meters
local lunch
one last walk

tours on pieces of me
thrift thrift score
driving away from the setting sun
books on tape
mixed cds
my favorite friend
36hrs end.


Friday, June 14, 2013


today is flag day.
incidentally, it's also my estranged father's birthday.
june 14th.

when my dad was a little boy,
his parents always told him that everyone put their flags out for his birthday.
it wasn't until years later, in high school when he learned the truth.
even as a little girl,
i remember him getting up early to put up the flag.
he'd always say, 
"gotta get the flag up for my birthday,
see...everyone else is." 
(referencing the other early rising neighbors).

i don't think of my dad often.
sure, i wonder where he is, and how he's doing.
i wish him well and hope that he's happy.
but every year on flag day,
i can't help but think: 
"yeah, those are for my dad"

hapybday, dad.
hapystars&stripes, america.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

until it kills you

and if at first you don't succeed,
try-try-try-try-try-and try

until it kills you. 
keep trying.
keep pushing.
decide what to be and go be it. 
be a person that you'd be proud of. 
in love, in life, in pursuit.
we are all so very capable of greatness.