Thursday, July 18, 2013

make a friend, not a scene..

"Friends are friends, 
because they've discovered how much they have in common.
Opponents, adversaries and foes are friends too, 
who have just not yet discovered this."

-a note from the universe

Thursday, July 11, 2013

the 90s are alive.

the city of ironic individuality.
a week to see and do.
a week of celebrating family & friends,
old and new.
the very best week indeed.

food trucks
and street art
and electric districts

and lots and lots of late late nights.
best friends.
flower fields
and laughter.
love, lots of love. 
local everything and just loving portland.
cheers to you, Pacific NW- keep up the good work!

be sure to wear, flowers in your hair..

store front.

street tacos. 

team zissou.
the bride's nearest and dearest (and sidler me)
picking all the wedding flowers on sauvie island.
it was THE most beautiful thing.

put a bird on it.

lavender fields forever.
those babies, sure do breathe a lot.
babes welcome.
some hipster doing hipster things at Ace Hotel.
4th of July grilling and thrillin'
me and this hunk at bridgeport brew pub.
brother. sister. momma. momma. 

wedding shenanigans in the oldest rose garden in portland.
the bestie. babe. bride. becca.
(and Marcus' famous white wall photography)
jupiter hotel

stay weird, portland. 
see you soon.