Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a little fall bliss

while visiting my favorite boutique, i saw a little fabric harvest pumpkin that launched me into this idea. enjoy.

the supplies:
hot glue gun, glue, scissors, fallesque fabric, beans for stuffing, bay leaves (to ward away the bugs).

step one: grab a favorite medium sized plate and trace a circle on your fabric.

take your circle and fill it with the beans & bay leaves,
pinching the top into folds like a paper fan and hot gluing the fabric together
then top with a dried pumpkin stem and. . .

drink it up!

perfect for any mantle, centerpiece or little corner spot.
oooh i love fall.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

some things halloweeeeeeeeen.

here are some halloween things of late.

ian made the best pumpkin

and i roasted the delishhh-ous seeds

this is the first year EVER that ian has dressed up for halloween, so needless to say, i was PRETTY excited.

here was our inspiration. . .

and of course, the gaga. . .

here's the construction process. . .

i made everything by hand, which is always the best part. ian's head dress is my masterpiece. supplies: $1.50 visor turned upside down, feathers and boas and hot glue. my outfit was constructed out of wire, caution tape, netting & glitter glam.

and here we are: gaga & jonsi, a match made in halloween heaven.

{yes he let me hotglue feathas to his eyebrows}


so much fun.
we walked mill, met up with luigi & had our picture taken (a-lot).
[ian almost got in a few fights]
someone even asked if i was the 'real gaga'
huge halloween success.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

it's here.

i have this dream: to live in a creative community; with creativity surrounding me, inspiring me & swirling all around me.
in some ways i have this. i have my great and personal inspirations: brim, sarah, t.o.m., lindsey, vanessa, ian, danielle, heather, etc. . . but most are all sofar away.

i had a blog for like a month in college once. i guess i felt it was silly. and that's why i haven't been back since. who would read this? who cares? (and, it kinda feels like journaling- and, i hate journaling).
lately i've found some of my favorite moments of connection have been reading and gathering inspiration from blogs (even stranger's blogs who are somehow kindred to me). when i can't drop by a studio space, maybe this cyber way is second best.

i have a lot of aspirations.
and people encourage me to embrace and run after then.
i'm hoping this will give me the little bird courage to then launch a jewelry shop and artist page. i know i need to.

so i'm here bandwagon, i'm on.

here are some things i've found, made & enjoyed lately. that i'm sharing.

i made this out of things i found on a walk. it's raw & lovely.

this is perhaps my favourite furniture find of all time. ian & i went to the annual historic art district yard sale last saturday. i saw this piece & loved it instantly, weathered & warped oak hutch, circa 1928 with original brass wheels. it wasn't priced, i could tell it was worth a lot. the lady said she would let it go to me
for . . .$10!!!! if i promised to restore it and take good care of it. i didn't take before & after pics,
but oh it's delicious. ian helped me carefully reinforce all the shelves and legs, then gently sanded and 3 layers of gold coast white later. mmmmhmm.

our bathroom is sweet and tiny, but the ceilings look so tall. i needed to fill the space & balance.
earth pieces for under a dollar, wire lace and brass tacks from around the house = just the trick.

and last, some art lately:

i made this for our bedroom. it soothing.

lil girl, chin up.

i've been making art on albums & old found newspapers lately. i like sewing on paper.