Sunday, October 31, 2010

some things halloweeeeeeeeen.

here are some halloween things of late.

ian made the best pumpkin

and i roasted the delishhh-ous seeds

this is the first year EVER that ian has dressed up for halloween, so needless to say, i was PRETTY excited.

here was our inspiration. . .

and of course, the gaga. . .

here's the construction process. . .

i made everything by hand, which is always the best part. ian's head dress is my masterpiece. supplies: $1.50 visor turned upside down, feathers and boas and hot glue. my outfit was constructed out of wire, caution tape, netting & glitter glam.

and here we are: gaga & jonsi, a match made in halloween heaven.

{yes he let me hotglue feathas to his eyebrows}


so much fun.
we walked mill, met up with luigi & had our picture taken (a-lot).
[ian almost got in a few fights]
someone even asked if i was the 'real gaga'
huge halloween success.