Tuesday, August 9, 2011

september 1980

i found this old picture of my momma yesterday.
it was taken in september 1980.
she would be the exact age that i am right now,
at about this very same time of year.
as i looked at it,
i couldn't help but wonder...
what did her life look like?
what did her heart feel like?
what did her little home look like?
did she drive the same roads that i do now, that look so different?
did she have as many quarter-life crises as i've had?
how strange to see my mom at my exact age.
how much stranger must this be for her?
to see me the exact age she once was.

: :

these are the things i know about her then:
she had been married to my dad for 6 months.
she had a cat named boots (that she loved dearly)- you can see it in the planter.
she and my pops had just moved to arizona on their honeymoon.
she just got a job at the phoenician,
(which she later quit passionately,
and jumped the fence with her best friend into the parking lot to get away),
and she ate peanut butter & jelly sandwiches almost everyday.
(i am sure she was just as dramatic & free spirited as me, if not way more)
i'm also sure that she was a total babe.
just look at that dress & her little shoes & those wide-rimmed glasses.
a blooming 1970s babe.

: :

i still have some of her clothes,
and sunglasses,
and shoes.
and i love wearing them.
ageless styles.
so good.



  1. I've looked at photos of my mom at my age too and thought these things. She actually was pregnant with her second child at my age as well. I talked to her last night about her life then, and it was so distant, yet so close. She talked about her one maternity outfit, what her days looked like, how she felt. It was amazing to step in her shoes, then compare them to mine. It's so weird to think they had lives before us.