Friday, August 12, 2011

oh! and to feel alive.

about 3 weeks ago,
and old & dear friend called me up out of the blue.
we probably haven't really spoken in 4 years.
ta, she said, i want to go skydiving for my birthday
& was trying to think of a brave soul who might come with me,
and you came to mind...
will you go?

of course! i said.
i've always wanted to go.
for my 18th birthday,
with friends in college,
over the ocean...
but just never have.
(maybe because it's crazy)

well, there were 5 other girls who had signed up to go with us.
as of tonight, i'm the last one standing.
just us.
2 gals, nervous as a knife fight.
it's gonna be great.
i've always wanted to fly,
and although this will be more like falling,
it's the closest i'm gonna get.
i really hope i get to touch some clouds.
i also hope that i don't look like a total doofus.
(not holding my breath on that last one).

here's some visual inspiration:

fact: i will free fall at 120mph, 200ft per second, for 60 seconds. whoa.

you get to pick if you want to be in control of the parachute- um, no.

you jump from a moving plane at 13,000 ft.

{i wanna dance on the clouds}

our appointment's at 10:00am,
so i'll be falling from the sky around 11...
look up & you just might see me.

{fly little blue}

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