Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tattoo me, tattoo you, tat-two

i'm a sucker for tattoos.
i may not like every tattoo,
but i love the idea of having a unique drawing on your skin.
something that is a part of you.
that means something to you.

although tattoo trends all over the world
have shifted for centuries,
it has always been one thing.
and i have a great appreciation.

i love getting messages or pictures from friends
who just got a new tattoo and wanna show me,
or want to get a tattoo and want me to draw it.
(i always feel so honored).
do you know that tattoos were first introduced
into the western world via pirates?
oh my my.

here are three that i've been love.ing lately
{via tattoologist).

i'll be yer anchor.

i really really want this.
lookit how cute.
wanna go get these and give eachother pirate names?


tickle my feather

soo pretty.

and this...


and then, when you've traveled and played in new places,
you could pick your favourite color from that place,
and color it in with little circles,
to mark where you've been.

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