Monday, August 22, 2011

have a penny, leave a penny.

i could get lost.
i usually do.
i sometimes get overwhelmed by how much good music there is in the world.
i've been fortunate to always have musically
inclined friends & lovahs in my life.
i never really have to go looking.
i usually have far too much good music than i know what to do with.

the latest & greatest.
do you have one?
i'd love to hear what you're listening to these days.
i've been soaking up people's playlists,
and finally made a few of mine public.
i waited- mostly because of the pressure
(real or perceived) that i feel.
the pressure to 'be cool', to 'be listening to new & fresh & great finds'.
welp, i'm not that.
i'm just me.
and you're more than welcome to take a listen-
to what i'm listening too,
living by,
or just historically love.

either way,
you can find me here:

(i'm also still a little spotify illiterate...
so after i finally made some playlists public,
i deleted the imported music from itunes, in spotify.
silly girl.
i'm currently re-uploading them,
so you get the full 'playlist effect')

send my inbox a song or artist you're currently lovin' or think i'd dig,
and i'll send you one back.

{hapy listening}

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