Wednesday, June 8, 2011

work wisdom.

so my naturopathic doctor told me that the reason i am sick is because i am suppressing my feelings.
jeesh! how much more can i feel my feelings??
i mean really.
just give me some vitamin C & echinacea already.
here's an idea: dear feelings, feel whatever you want, i'm taking a vacation.

i was talking to my wonderfully wise clinical care director about this idea in general yesterday,
(right before she sent me home sick from work- i felt like i was in grade school).
i said, "wouldn't it be so nice if you could take a little break from yourself? you know, just for a few minutes."
she said, "oh, you have to do that. everyday."
"what?" i asked.
she said, "all people primarily operate out of either their head, their heart or their hands.
if you are a head person, you need to do something with your heart and hands everyday, to get out of your head. if you're a heart person, you need to do something with your head and hands to get away from your feelings. if you're a hands person, you need to sit with her thoughts and feelings every day.
this reminds us that we can't live out of just one place."

{what a beautiful reminder}

earlier last week, i was reflecting on how grateful i am to have had this experience at my current job.
although i'm actively looking for something more creative to do with my daily life,
i know that this work, this job, has given me a lot.
i have met crazy, wonderful people.
i have seen and heard things, i never otherwise would have.
i have been tried, and grown, and strengthened.

i have remembered things i needed to remember.

while sitting one of my favourite gals at the hospital the other day,
she turned to me and said,
"yes," i said.
"you know, i have moments of sanity where i realize that i'm completely insane," she said.
"well...that's more than i've got," i said.
she squeezed my hand, smiled & closed her eyes.

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