Friday, June 10, 2011

to the waterside.

i always look forward to fridays.
my favourite blog day.
my favourite work day.
my favourite night.
liberated and dreaming.

it's gotten so much hotter here over the last week,
(and i don't mind).
i'm a sun baby,
a desert flower.
{i hate the phrase 'desert rat', so i changed it}
i find the desert beautiful,
and the hot sun on my skin soothing.

when i spent a summer in Namibia, Africa
someone shared this quote with me:

"G-d created water in countries to enable mankind to live there,
and deserts so that they may find their souls."
-Namibian Proverb

even after 6 years, i often think of this proverb.

although i feel very much at home in the desert,
a part of me believes that parts of my soul
are scattered among various watersides.
i long for the cool refreshing water as it laps on the shore.
the feel of green grass, long reeds, soft sand in my toes,
or the smooth stones of the mediterranean.
the rhythmic sound of the tide.

i hope to live out most of my life very near to a coast
(preferably in a foreign land)
but for t'day,
i would like to go here. and here. and here.

i'll race you to the waterside.


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