Friday, June 24, 2011

old yellowed books & gargoyle hunting

i decided i would like to go on a castle tour.
we could pack hats & a camera & a book about castles.
we would explore all their rooms,
and find secret passage ways,
and pull heavy, yellowed, dusty books of library shelves.
we would go gargoyle hunting,
and tell ghost stories,
and laugh when we were spooked.
we would get lost in the country side,
and have picnics,
and drink spirits out of wooden mugs,
and meet wonderful people.

wanna wanna?

here are some castles,
we could see these ones....

Picture of Castle Babelsberg

Scottish Castles

Picture of Castle Beaumaris
the island of anglesey


look at this one! (italy)



Picture of Castle Eilean
Eilean Donna Castle

and this one you can stay in while on a traveling tour through Dublin, Waterford, Kerry, Galway & Cork!

oh my, my. let's go. 
i'll meet you in amsterdam.

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