Wednesday, June 8, 2011

funny phoenix

so last night i was out with a lady friend,
and we met this guy.
well actually we were playing a fun game we like play
where we try to guess people's name and their profession.
so there were these 2 guys sitting near by...
they kept eyeing my gal pal to death.
we decided that the one guy in the dress shirt, tie and jeans probably had a super common name like matt or chris and worked as a shoe salesman at Macy's.
his buddy in the tevas with socks, grew up in the northwest and worked at a rock climbing gym.
eventually, my friend went to chat with them (after much motivational speaking).
she was fabulous! (and super ballsy)
she walked up to him and said, "so here's the've been eyeing my all night. and that's ok, i've been eyeing you right back.) what!! nice.
she started chatting with them and found out that his name was tom (nailed it)
and he worked for a local radio station (103.9 -of course).
as a smile grew across my sassy face, i looked up from my phone & asked him:
"name your three favourite bands."
tom: blink 182, 311...and
(interrupting him with loud laughter) me: and let me guess...incubus!
tom didn't find it as funny as me. i was not trying to be rude.
tom: wait, why are you laughing??? those are great bands!
me: no, i know they are. i like them all, i can just tell you were born & raised in phoenix.
tom: what does that mean?
me: well, you probably grew up in north phoenix and moved to tempe the first chance you got. you are a die hard suns fan (even though neither of your parents are from here originally), 
who graduated from ASU. please tell me you don't also have a lifted white truck.
tom: ok, that's creepy.
me: no, that's phoenix.

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