Thursday, June 23, 2011

bend or bust.

so, i created a blog day where i can feature all the marvelously talented
and inspiring people in my life.
i have so many talented and creative friends.
friends who are event planners, flower designers, painters, singers, composers, musicians, poets, product creators, wise thinkers, writers, fashion designers, decorators, innovators, health and business consultants
and of course, polymaths.
(and am also inspired by so many others that i would love to be friends with some day).
i feel so lucky to be surrounded by such inspiration and creativity all the time.
so why haven't i ever blogged on a thursday before??
i guess the answer is, i don't know.

: :
today i thought i would start by featuring 3 of my favourites who are all very closely tied in lives and talent.
from phoenix, minnesota, and the southern coast of california they all found their way to bend.
nate brocious. tom monson. grace laxson
outrageously loving, sassy, masters of sarcasm, beautiful people who can cuss with the best of them.
(they are all so wonderful. i hope you get to meet them someday.)

here are some of their current projects where they play, create & inspire.

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Nate Brocious and Grace Laxson are in this band together:
The Heroes of Telemark
band members: Justin Lavik, Grace Laxson, Ricky Newton, Mark Gillem
& Nate Brocious

you should....

& if you like them, prove it...
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i've known tom for almost 9 years, and i remember when he first started strumming a guitar.
now he and grace write and sing and perform often. oh, i love it!
listen to my dear friend tom & his pretty little gracie sing their original song
Come Ye Angels.

tom's also a very talented artist
(and the Executive Gallery Director of PoetHouse Art in Bend, OR)
check out his work here.

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grace and her sisters grew up singing with their mama. their voices sound like angels.
listen to gracie and her pretty sisters sing down in the river to pray.

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hope you enjoyed them as much as i do.