Saturday, April 28, 2012

rivers and roads, rivers and roads, rivers til I reach you..

look up at the treetops
see the sun flutter through
listen to the air as it's breathing
listen to the grass as it's growing
feel the river rushing,
down in your anxious bones
the fox is running,
quickly swiftly he goes
red flash, white tip
awake my soul
the light is pulsing
down in the riverbed
the cool cool stones
know the tales of ages past
keeper of fallen trees
muddy toes, free floating laughter
on the summer breeze
icy berries in the snow
red with warning
lay yourself down in the lily fields
the snakes are belly up
coy smiles on their faces
heather mountain tops reaching
the place of dreams.
dream little dreamer
sleep these days
night is coming like a horseman
urgent lantern lights
demand your feet to dance.
toes like fallen stars.

{free verse::down in your anxious bones::by(me)::2012}