Saturday, April 14, 2012

he had a printed card & everything.

{Momma interrupted with fresh news:
"An arrogant young photographer from the Philadelphia Bulletin came up to Esther when she had her defenses down and got her to promise to pose for some pictures and then took up so much of our time here in the hotel courtyard we never did get to Lewes and see the old place once more before they tear it down."

For a disgusted moment Esther thought her mother might burst into tears; she said, 
"Momma, he wasn't arrogant and I'll drive you down next weekend since you care so much. He was a perfectly respectable bona-fide photographer; he had a printed card and everything. He didn't even ask me to pose in my bathing suit, though the pool was right there."}

In the Beauty of the Lilies, John Updike

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