Friday, May 27, 2011


i'm craving an adventure.
one with rolling hills, and magical gardens, and soothing waters.
these are the places i've been dreaming of today.

let's go here.
Inistioge, Co Kilkenny {ireland}

It is nestled by a streaming river amongst the rolling hills, the town of Inistoige is a place of a flavoured secret romantic hideaway for the Irish people. By the day, you can stroll along a grassy footpath that is situated on a wide peaceful river, you can walk through the woods and gardens in the gracious old Woodstock Estate or explore the ruins of the riverside castle. At the evening, you can eat at an exquisite restaurant where the owner of the restaurant himself will personally welcome you. You can also chose to relax by a roaring fire in one of the local pubs near the place.
This place is so good that there were movies that were made in this village, movies like “Circle of Friends” and “Widow’s Peak” who brought stars like Minnie Driver, Mia Farrow, Chris O’Donnell, Joan Plymouth and Adrian Dunbar to town.
Mary Tighe who was a great poet that lived in Woodstock Estate and published in 1805 had brought about a translation of the poem bated back in the 2nd century, “Cupid Psyche”, called “ Psyche or the Legend of Love”. It seems like a dull piece but it was very popular during their times that is had ran to 6 editions. To sample of this poem would be…
“Oh, who art thou who darest of Love complain?
He is a gentle spirit and injures none!
His foes are ours; from them the bitter pain, T
he keen, deep anguish, the heart-rending groan,
Which in his milder reign are never known.
His tears are softer than the April showers,
White-handed Innocence supports his throne,
His sighs are sweet as breath of earliest flowers,
Affection guides his steps, and peace protects his bowers.”
What to see and do in the place
The River Nore is streaming through the village and is surrounding the countryside as a riverside footpath. The best views of the river and the valley came from the views of Woodstock Estate that is high above a hill the village. It has over 50 acres of garden and creating a more splendid walk, where you can also see some lovely old dovecote.
St. Mary is a church that is found at the center of a village of which is dated back in the 13th century. The 14th century merchant’s house was overlooking the tree lined village square and there you’ll find a nice small garden where you can sit and view the world as clouds go by. Sitting on a rock above the river are the remains of Norman Motte and Bailey Castle.
Kilkenny is just nearby and is a good day out with its castle and round about street and lanes. However, this place is a place relaxation and not doing so much at all.
Where to stay In
You can find at the Gate Lodge Berryhill, found just outside the town, there are so many wonderful views over the fields of lands and streaming river below, you can have an open fire to curl up in front while you enjoy the evening. Also you can have an option of getting a room in Woodstock Arms in the village where there’s a nice pub of a good rooms overhead.
Eating and Drinking
In the village there’s a place called CIRCLE OF FRIEND where it is a cafĂ© by day and a bar and bistro by night time. This place serves good food in a cozy dining area that is of a lovely old house. There is also a place that is called The Motte, is it a 18th century place at the edge of the village but it is more of the upscale market yet the food there is really good. While in some places like Woodstock and Lenihan’s and O’Donnell’s are nice friendly pubs.
Where is it located?
Inistoge is situated half of the way between New Ross and Kilkenny that is in South East Ireland.

and build this house to live in

lookit how lovely.
{can you smell the air?}

and have our backyard look like this

just the most magical.
{japan said they'd share with ireland}

and have at least one of these
{nothing cuter}

 and do this
mmm. frenchpress.

wanna come and play with me?
we can leave before morning.
i'll bring my rainboots, just in case.

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