Tuesday, May 24, 2011

oh my summatime

well. it's trendy tuesday.
after having to narrow it down from about 300 images that i've been collecting (since yesterday- yikes!),
i decided that i most definitely need to be more involved in fashion design.
i have always felt like getting dressed is an art.
the 'perfect' fit.
such fun!

so- here are some for her, for him, for yer home.

the bicycle blues

blanket babe.

gosh, this shirt. nautical treasures meet soft and lite.

my favourite and the most playful patterns.

slouchy summa time.

for the business babe.

light layers of neutral & blues.

night out nauticals.

playful. parkside. pockets.
(any man who wears capris = whoa).

casual. skinny tie. wrinkled waves.

what a fresh coat of white can do. goodbye cobwebs, hello sweet, simple summa.

look at this backyard treasure delight.
i could escape here for hours.
to nap. drink tea. paint watercolors.
giggle with friends.
i need one of these.
and a garden to put it in.