Monday, May 30, 2011

storyboard {soul sounds}

i'm reading a new book right now,
that i can't get enough of.
it's one of those books where i'll re-read the same page like 4 times
just because i want to drink up every word.
it's a book that rings so true, it awakens something in your soul.
(this has rarely happened to me with a book, with the exception of the bible, screwtape letters, and every Vogue fashion edition)- ok, the last one was a joke.
 but seriously, it's made me aware of things i tend to silence.
and i'm finding ways to tend to and acknowledge my 'soul feelings'.
{this is not easy, although it is natural}

for my music monday, i thought i would share a song that over the years has done the same thing:
awakened a part of my soul when i listen to it.
i once listened to it 37 times on repeat before my roomate asked if i could listen to something else.
i can get peacefully lost in this song.

i think if my soul had a song, it would sound like this:

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