Saturday, May 28, 2011


hapy day to you.
wanna create something t'day?
(me too!)
here's some inspiration.:

i live downtown,
so on my daily walks,
i often find little treasures.
(well, treasures to me)
little pieces of broken things,
action figures,
stuff that to the average eye...
well, looks like junk.
but i can't help myself.
maybe it's the restorative & developer in me,
{*strengths finder reference}
but i see the potential for anything to be made into something else.
usually i just put these little treasures in geo-caches
or a little box under my art desk,
but when i stumbled upon this little DIY,
i could not be more excited!

{bird bath candles}
What you’ll need:
- Candle Wax
- Candle Wicks
- Found Objects
- Mismatched Ramekins & Containers
- Cappuccino Milk Pot or Teapot for melting
- White Appliance Spray paint
- Optional: Glue gun


Step 1. Gather materials – Explore thrift shops, dollar stores, even your grandma’s home for objects.
Step 2. Spray found objects white, or color of choice – the palette is yours.
Step 3. Arrange object and candle wicks in ramekin or container
(lightly tack down with glue gun if desired).
Step 4. Cut wax to fit in melting vessel 
(idea: thrift store teapots and cappuccino frothers both work perfectly).
Step 5. Carefully melt wax on low heat, slowly stirring – keep a watchful eye – wax is very flammable!
Step 6. Slowly pour wax into candle container.
Step 7. Let wax cool thoroughly.
Step 8. Repeat with other combinations of objects and ramekins.
Step 9. Trim wicks to 1/4″ above wax level.
Step 10. Light candles and enjoy!

{credit: coutney and amber moon, as featured on}