Sunday, May 22, 2011


so every weekend 'blog' has been on my to-do list.
my to-do list progressed from 'blog' to 'get inspiration', 'research how to make my blog look pretty', 'add links', 'develop my purpose', 'update from dec..jan...feb..mar..april...'
jeesh. overwhelmed.
so many talented bloggers out there.
((who cares what i have to say?))
((who will follow me?))
so finally t'day, i smacked my little self in the face,
pulled up my bootstraps,
and decided, "this is not the tannia i know- just do it!"
so here it is.
it's my safe space.
my idea garden.
it can be whatever i want.
i made themes for the days of the week where i can post different things to inspire.
that inspire me.
(and i give myself the freedom to not post everyday, but i can if i want).
so, here is... my NEW blog.
i'm excited about this.
(and maybe you are too).

i already have music for tomorra.

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