Sunday, August 3, 2014

taking advantage

when I was in Paris,
I took advantage of everything.
every walk,
every sip,
every morning and evening.
I've never had my eyes open so wide. 
and I so loved it.

so, upon returning home,
I can either miss Paris so (which I do)- or...
I can take advantage of my city, too.

and so, I did.

I spent my weekend thrifting,
going to all my old favorite graffiti yards
to check out the beautiful street art that's gone up since I've been gone,
and sketching, reflecting, planning and dreaming 
at my favorite, hipster coffee house. 
it was so lovely.
it felt right.

(I also learned that I'm terrible at flirting, like the worst.)
I hate the idea of dating.
I don't know how to respond to handsome guys who are hitting on me,
or asking me out to dinner.
I'm a doofus.
it's embarrassing.
c'est la vie.

but look at my otherwise colorful life.
isn't it beautiful.

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