Wednesday, July 30, 2014

spirit animal & miss van

topless, ballerina bird with a neon tutu?
holy spirit animal.
this is so so lovely, i can't turn away.

Miss Van started wall-painting at the age of 20, in 1993, initiating the feminine movement in Street Art. Originating from Toulouse, France and having spent most of her artistic life in Barcelona, Miss Van has travelled the world painting her instantly recognizable women on the streets, as well as on canvas. She has exhibited extensively for decades worldwide in Europe, USA and Asia.*

She is a treasure. Her work is delicate and lovely and slightly disturbing but beautiful at the same time. The sexual edginess of it keeps me inspired.
She is single handedly the only artist that I can say is completely her own.
As an artist, you learn how to be inspired, adapt and create from other artists.
Her work and inspiration baffles me.
I wish I could be inside her brain and heart when she paints,
to understand her unique process.
She is truly one of a kind. 

These are other paintings of hers that I just adore:

I can feel myself and my kindred friends in all of these works.
I wish I could own them all. 

For those of you wanting more... click here and enjoy. 


(*information taken from her personal website history)