Sunday, August 10, 2014

P A R I S proud :: P O R T LAND positive vibes

the last week I was in Paris,
I had the incredible opportunity and honor to work as a Photography Assistant to the great Fine Art Photographer, William Furniss..

to do some on-location styling for the press-release, photo-shoot for the Peninsula Paris.

they just had their (soft) Grand Opening & are open for business!
the hotel is literally breathtaking.
it is off the Champs ElyseĆ©s with a view of the Eiffel from the rooftop garden & private dining area. 
if you're headed to Paris during Fashion Week, stay here. 
you won't regret it.
the photos from our shoot are up on the website 
& I feel so SO proud of all of our work!

I could not be more thankful for the crazy, beautiful, opportunistic life I lead!

{happy, thankyou, more please}

check out some pics here & be sure to click around the whole website.

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