Monday, August 4, 2014

all the babies

i feel like the only person without a baby.
ok, there's like 3 of us..
and i'm not 'baby-crazy' or anything like that,
i just don't want to be left out.
which i realize sounds so, so stupid.
they aren't a group on social media,
they are a living, breathing,
life-forever-altered responsibility.
i think i'm just very aware that i may never have my own,
and if i do, they'll be in diapers while my friend's kids are off to college.
oh well, live and let live!
i have a great life in front of me that may or may not involve (my own) babies,
but it certainly will not be short of baby snuggles and bday parties and dress up.
(which, let's be honest are the best parts- 
you all can keep the dirty diapers and crying all night and tantrums in target).

one of the funnest things about having so many babies/toddlers around,
is all the different sizes of tiny.
two of my galpals are pregnant right now,
one's baby is the size of a blueberry & the other a lemon.
(how cute!)

and this lil one is not even a week old and he fits in my elbow.


i was still fully able to do dishes and make dinner for a 4year old and a 1&ahalf year old like this. 
he just slept like that for two hours while i went about other things.

so tiny, and so cute. 
i can see why people make these. 
it's also so crazy to me that they will never be smaller than they were the day before.
the miracle of life really is something to marvel over.

*(not pictured is my neon purple, pink and blue hair as styled by his big sis and hair chalk).

auntie life is the best life- bring on all the babies!

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