Tuesday, February 14, 2012

make a lil love, take a lil love.

On a day where it’s easy to be cynical
Or commercial
Or lonely
Or disappointed,
I can’t help but be so so grateful for all the love I have in my life,
SurROUNDed by love and people who are so good to me.
Who take really good care of me.
Who remember me.
Who live and love with a ferocious passion,
And inspire me to love deeply.

Grateful for the gangly teenage boy walking to school,
On my commute to work,
With his arms carrying a HUmongous stuffed tiger,
Balloons tied around the neck and bopping him in the face,
On his way to the 15-year-old love of his life.
He will know the pain of broken hearts,
But not today. Today, he’s on cloud 9.

Grateful for silly socks from B that I immediately put on under my boots,
And that my momma still gives me handpicked flowers though I’m grown,
And emails from friends,
And snail mail reminders of friendship & love,
And a rainy day which is both romantic and sad,
And a scribble valentine from my anna-baby,
And silly twss texts about v-day,
And those gross candy hearts that I can’t stop eating,
And that the other women at work are loved & doted on so much,
That our office is transformed into the secret garden by the end of the day.

Love isn’t just about romance,
(although romance can be oh so delightful).
It’s about being known,
And remembered,
And life’s delicious surprises.

On a day where it’s easy to long for love,
and feel really alone,
I’m reminded that we never really are.
All you need is love,
And love is all around.
Your life can be beautiful.

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