Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the world is a big KISS.

i believe that there are 2 kinds of people.
those who bring light and life and joy and inspiration into the world,
and those,
who, for whatever reason,
and for whatever reason,
drain the world and people and life of
good things,
and energy,
and happiness.
...and thank goodness they both exist.
because neither one could,
without the other.

you know those people-
the ones who you are thankful for.
the ones who,
even if you don't know them,
you owe them something.
humanity owes them something.
{like SARK, or RUMI or Mother Theresa or the spry old man at the supermarket}
just their 'being' makes the world better.
their thoughts, or their hearts, or their hands.
like a little gift.
a little voice saying,
'there is beauty here.'

the friend that falls into your life
at just the right time,
to remind you,
'the world is a big kiss'
when you feel like it's more of a
'punch in the face'.

i want to be a person,
that at the end of life,
at the end of everything...
the world was better,
simply because i lived.

i want to love more people than i hate,
give more life than i take,
shine more light than darkness,
be more brave than afraid.

let's hope i can.

(and i hope you can too).

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