Monday, July 25, 2011

a momma always knows.

my momma called me on saturday afternoon,
and sunday night,
and finally i answered on monday on my lunch break.
(she can be pretty persistent)

"hey sweetie, i just wanted to hear your voice.
is everything ok, I can't seem to shake this feeling in my gut."

how does a momma always know?

a few minutes later, before she hung up,
she said to me,
"i'm sorry this life is hard sometimes.
it's a good thing you're a strong girl.
and don't forget that it can be tough to cry."

we've had several conversations like this throughout life.
usually when I don't know what to do.
like when i sprained my ankle at my dance recital,
or after my first heartbreak in kindergarten,
or when I changed my mind last minute about college,
or when I moved to Michigan.

even if I'm just being indecisive at the grocery store,
she always ends the conversation with the same line:
"you can always come home. i love you."

so thankful for my momma.


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