Tuesday, July 12, 2011

flavourite things & wild red dreams.

there are few things i love more than...
skinny little leggings, big slouchy boots,
oversized sunglasses, hats
& a tshirt that swallows me whole.

...maybe a tall glass of ice water...maybe.

i hope that the current style, never eva goes away.
it was made for me.

here are some flavourites.

fav fav. if i could wear this everyday, i would.

just let me wear my boots

big shirt, little skirt.

slouch & leatha heaven.

weird fashion story of the day:
my coworker coerced me into going to chipotle with her last minute for lunch.
the clerk had the weirdest expression on his face.
when we got to the register he said,
"i know this sounds crazy, but you're the face from my dream, except you had wild red hair."
i said, "you've probably just seen me here before."
 he said, "i started yesterday."
well, anyway. maybe when i'm a full time artist or designer i'll do it.
i bet it'd look something like this.

purple & redddds.

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