Saturday, January 25, 2014

Smithing!! (or- my best got married)

while riding in the front row of a private jet down to Cabo San Lucas,
my new best friends (jess & julie) and i were struck by the fact,
that for being wandering, painfully broke, 20-somethings- our life is ridiculously rich.

my dearest sarah moved to africa,
met a boy,
fell in love,
and is about to live happily ever after.
(her and Blake's story is far more elaborate and deeply inspiring that that, 
but, i used that up for my toast).
also, a few of us upgraded the phrase 'winning' to 'smithing'-
because if you're a smith, you're winning at life ;) 

here are some pics from the fabulous destination week! 
(and my bookend journeys along the way)

this is my lil dress i made.
the flight to dublin. (this is the beautiful irish seaside).

due to weather, i was delayed in dublin, aka- bussed to a 5star hotel for free and fed awesome food.

some of the maids in bloomington! cabo bound.

oh, heyyy private jet status.

to Casa Penasco por favor!
bach party on a boat!

so so pretty. (minus me ralphing my guts out at sea)

i'll take any excuse to make a crown for this babe.

best part of waking up.

welcome to the New Year, party!

glow cups for the win, with this beauty. thanks joan!

pimp my bride.
fun luncheon and cooking class at floras farm.
heirloom carrot margaritas- yes please!
bride in blue.
the greatest APU tragedy i've never known: not being besties with this ladybird.
so fresh and so clean, clean.
last contrucci eve. rehearsal din and toasts at mi casa. 
one more sleep.

it's here, it's here!!! (wedding morn)

these two. like a fairy tale.
ay ay ay!
we get to share her now. too lovely.
private jet back to reality.
also, reality bites.
shared my flaming hot cheeto with ZJ- he took it like a champ. 
missing this sweet dude.
my extended family in chicago, sans one. i know- we're such a big family we barely fit in one photo. 


  1. Excellent! Everything there looks sprightly and fresh, as if they're going to leap right out of the computer screen. That's really cool and great. The private jet plane ride should have only helped matters, giving it all a patina of class and literal elevation. Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure! All the best!

    Raymond Curry @ Holstein Aviation