Saturday, January 25, 2014

oh hey 3 months later

gosh- i had such a plan to blog, blog, blog while in Paris.
apparently, ain't nobody got time for that. 

here's some updates:
i survived last semester.
cried some, worked hard, did well.
cleared my medical appt & got my french residency.
stayed in Paris for xmas.
thank GOD my friend Jess stayed too.
we went to window displays, 
and had christmas eve dinner together.
it was super nice.
it was really hard to be away from my nephew and fam this year.
then i flew from here > ireland > us > mexico
for sarah's wedding.
(second blog coming soon).

i'm already two weeks into my second and last semester.
it's already going super fast.
i did two internships this fashion week
& have another lined up next month.
gotta build that res.

here are some pics from the above mentioned updates! 

this is how i look & ride the metro on friday nights. it's so sexy. i get hit on a lot.

my proposed 'statement collection' for comme des garçons

me: 0, final's week: 1

preparing for my final critique. it's a huge deal in front of a jury of assessors.

the fruits of my labor.

i got dressed up one- literally one- day last semester. final critique and OFII appointment day.

whoop whoop- practically parisian.

on the last day of school, i took a long walk and reflected and saw some beautiful streetart.

and found a rainbow road. best, ever.

st. nick really gets around...the world.

trying to be tourists during break & take advantage of living in paris.

christmas eve dinner with my jessi boo. made soup, poulet & pommes de terre, and haricots vert. equipped with candles and drop dead diva.

we took the city bus to look at christmas lights with oliver. it was freezing and pouring rain, but fun for sure.

Bonne Annee!

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