Monday, May 7, 2012

{the summer's gone, and so are we}

"its a song about all the things you lose when you know you shouldn't lose them
its about falling in love and knowing you love someone and knowing you will leave them all at the same time.
i sat in an airport terminal on the southeast tip of america waiting for my girlfriend to come
i hadn't seen her in months. her plane was late and i sat at the gate
and i watched the planes come down on the tarmac i watched the sun come down on the ocean
and i thought, god, i love her so much, and i am going to leave her so soon. sometimes you just know it all at once
its the best and the worst feeling ever. i guess you should have moments that feel beautiful and  you are going to have moments where you lose everything.
and i suppose its better to have something. so this is a song about winning and losing and its called miami." -Adam Duritz

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