Thursday, October 30, 2014


Guys- I LOVE Halloween.
I mean, love.
how totally fun to have an excuse to dress up and play?!

As a kid I was everything under the sun:
bride of frankenstein,
princess (several)
countless animals,
belly dancer,
etc. etc.

As an adult, I still get sooo excited every year when it's Halloweentime.
Here is a Halloween recap from the last few years.


They don't celebrate Halloween in Paris.
But we do ;) 
People were talking our photos on the metro,
and one guy offered to tip us
(as is polite behavior in Paris when you take a stranger's photograph)

also- you should google what sound a zebra makes.
houuuurs of entertainment.


I got to be a part of an annual Masquerade tradition,
and it was a hoot!
we hand glued every bead/sequin on..
it took forever, but it was worth it-
our masks were bomb!

obligatory pre-dance photo, HS style


At work, the Leadership all went as a circus.
There was a bearded lady,
a clown,
a mime,
a ring master,
and I drew 'trapeze swinger'

My Case Managers elected to go as 'KISS'
They looked awesome! 
Everything was hand made & they won the costume contest!!

After work, was a Halloween party-
of which I wore my best and favorite costume to date.
Luckily for me, one of my best buddies had the same idea 
& we matched!
so fun!

you can't see the dirt and moss I glued to my face,
or the spider earrings I made,
but they're there.
I don't mess around when it comes to detail.


We decided to go as Rock Stars:
me as Lady Gaga (obviously),
and Ian as Jonsi
(it was his first time EVER dressing up for Halloween)
I was SO stoked!
People asked for our autographs & we laughed.

Oliver also loves Halloween:

land shark

hottt doggg

This year I get to take my adorable Nephew Trick-or-Treating
& I could burst I'm so excited.

I will also be attending some grown-up parties,
where I will be paying homage to my name sake
& a famous pop culture artist from the 60s.

stay tuned....

also, ladies-
you can be slutty any day of the year if you want,
Halloween is for the theatrical!
Love yourself & play dress up.
be safe & have fun, babies