Thursday, October 23, 2014

all things bright, all things new

i started this painting about 2 years ago,
and within the last month, i came back to it & i finished it.
in my room, it feels so bright and cheery and commands all your attention when you walk in.
feeling proud about how 'bold' it was, i went to post it on instagram.
in doing so, i felt like i was looking at a completely different painting. 
this painting was sad and tortured and a bit unsure of everything.
it was kind of scary and dark to me.

isn't that the crazy, beautiful thing about art?!
the expression,
the feelings it generates.
maybe i felt (feel) such joy around it because it took all those feelings out of me,
and put them permanently on a canvas.
they weren't gone,
they were still being honored,
but they certainly were no longer inside me.

(i also am very hesitant and shy to share my emotive, not perfectly refined part of my creativity so this is a big deal to me)- you want to see my branding projects & graphic designs & collection concepts- you got it! you want to see my sketchbook? i'd rather throw it in the ocean.

i'm trying to be braver about this.
i made this, and i like it, and if you don't- well, i don't really care. 

24x24 Mixed media on organic canvas: Krink, Molotow, paint sticks, spray paint & acrylic

do good & make stuff
may we all be braver!
xo babies