Sunday, March 16, 2014

meanwhile in Paris...

i am feeling homesick.

in the last week, 8 (8!) of my friends have had babies.
that's so crazy.
spring has sprung!
i'm dying to meet all of them!!!

i'm also more and more aware of the realization that i may never have any of my own. 
which in it's own way breaks my heart.
or if i do, my kid will be a baby when all my friend's kids are going to prom.
le sigh.

i have no idea where this life will take me next,
(hopefully out of debt and into a fulfilling job/life)
but i do know one thing: i want to be closer to home.
and the people who are my home.

while it's hard not to have some baby-envy,
i love seeing my gorgeous friends blossom into pregnancy and embrace the beauty of motherhood.
meanwhile, in paris: i'm dressing models for fashion week and occasionally posing as one-
main word -'POSING'- for friends in a pinch. 
the more time i spend with models,
the more aware i am, that i am not one.
and that's just fine with me.
i prefer food & to not undress constantly in front of strangers.

sometimes though- i get to play dress up for photo-shoots.

and it's fun. 
and it's ok that i'm not married, barefoot & pregnant. 
maybe some day.