Sunday, March 23, 2014

for the health of it

i believe that it takes a full year to really settle into a place.
especially a foreign place.
to know your way,
to make friends,
to not feel lonely.
to breathe deeply and experience every season.

oliver and i joined a running group today.
for the health of it ;)
by ourselves.
everyone else is french,
or a transplant like us.

we meet on sunday mornings at the park,
some with our dogs,
 and we run.
we sprint.
we jog.
we speak about cute kids and the weather.
and we go home.

it feels natural,
it feels a little less foreign.
it feels friendly.
(which is NOT an easy thing to achieve in Paris.)

and my human dog, oliver- who sunbathes on the bench & not the ground..

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