Saturday, September 7, 2013

sacapuntas :: skyfies

yesterday at the art store, 
the sweetest man was helping me find supplies, 
while teaching me the words in french.
it was going along fabulously, until: 
pencil sharpener.
i was motioning, and he thought: knife, eraser, crayons. 
oh boie.
the word in french is: affutoir
incidentally, it's the only thing i remember from his lesson. 
when i got home, i realized that there are only 2 words I know (remember) in all 4 languages i've ever studied:
pencil sharpener & french fries

afrikaans: skerpmaker
french: affutoir
spanish: sacapuntas (my alltime favorite word in spanish)
english: pencil sharpener

afrikaans: skyfies
french: frites
spanish: papas fritas
english: french fries

i guess this says about me:
i love potatoes and i'm passionate about art supplies.
sounds about right.

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