Sunday, September 15, 2013

be cool, stay in school.

I'm through my first few weeks of classes. I've been in Paris for almost a month now. every day there are confusing nuances and little victories. like the bank being closed until 3 on Thursdays when I travel 30 minutes by train on my lunch break before class at 2pm. or buying cute French stamps to send postcards and figuring out they are for domestic mailings only. whomp wha. I did however duplicate my flat key (for when visitors come!) there's nothing like a Home Depot or Staples here and I had to go to a shoe maker for this (and pay 18€ oof)- but, alas- little victory!

what I'm most constantly impressed with however, is the education. gosh it's just so good. I had wonderful teachers at university, but nothing even close to this. EVERY single one of my professors have worked crazy incredible jobs in the industry. I mean, it's unreal. their stories, the experiences they've had. they are the most modest & I feel constantly starstruck. 
I probably shouldn't be so surprised. I am after all, lucky enough to be studying fashion, in Paris - the fashion capitol of the world- at one of (if not THE best) fashion schools in history. 
I guess I just figured that they wouldn't also be professors. 

we get to spend about 5 hours a week together, per class, learning and drawing and draping.
it's so hands on, it's so technical, it's so creative.
i feel like this is what i was created to do.
having the brain of an aerospace engineer from my poppa
and the beautiful free-flowing artistic spirit of a hippie momma,
this is what i was made for.
everything has to be technically perfect, 
but it also gets to be wild and free and expressive!
i love it beyond words.

here are my teachers this semester.
you should seriously click the links and read up on them a little tiny bit.
they are drool worthy.

and others that are equally notable:

geraldine goddat- she has several published books and has spent years doing knitwear designs, production and textile work in Paris; she's a master embroider

catherine carloni- a creative stylist and fashion illustrator

michel malard- the first ready-to-wear designer for Italy in the 1960s when haute couture ended as an industry in Paris. the most knowledgable man i've ever met.

claire jochum- worked for christine lacriox and is a tremendous textile creator

i'm so very lucky.
now i must do some homework if i've ever going to be on their level!