Wednesday, September 26, 2012

phoenician parisian

i love Paris.
today as i was walking to catch the metro,
there was a man playing a violin in the tunnel.
about 6 feet away from him, 
another man sat up against the wall sketching the man playing the violin.
i couldn't help but think to myself,
"Paris, you really are something wonderful."


i've been here just long enough to begin fooling people into thinking i'm French.
i've learned some slang,
i walk with an air of ambivalence,
i nudge tourists,
i go when the sign says 'dont walk'.
as a result, about once a day now, someone will say, 
"bonjour mademoiselle?"
"oui monsieur.."
then they will proceed with 2-3 beautiful french sentences,
and i struggle to find a polite place to interrupt them and inform them that in fact, 
"je ne parle pas Francais. desole."
(sorry- i don't speak french)

i was standing on the metro a few days ago and some bright eyed,
young tourists from the states were talking excitedly.
"everything here is!
the way people talk and the buildings,
and how people dress! i mean look at her (meaning me),
NO one would ever dress like that back home.
the women here are so fashionable. i just wish i could see her whole closet."
not knowing that i could understand them, they kept going. 
i gave them a half smile & was almost urged to tell them that my shirt was actually from Target,
but i thought- forget it- let them wonder at it all. it's more fun.

i traveled to Normandy.
it was perhaps the most delightful day i've known. 
it deserves it own post,
but i will add this relevant lil encounter: 
at the end of my day in Dieppe, 
i wandered into this local artisan shop.
the woman was painting at the register & you could tell all the little goods were hers.
(and that she was born & raised here)
i said, "bonjour," and shopped around.
i took a lil keychain up to the register & she started speaking to me in beautiful French.
 i apologized and informed her i can't understand.
her response:
"no?! you speak English? oh my- you really fooled me when you came in and said hello. you say hello like you are definitely French. i believed you were from here! my my my.."
she was shaking her head in disbelief.
i thanked her and started blushing. 
yep- 5 weeks and i've successfully mastered one word, the most common one.
i'm practically Parisian. 

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