Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{and say, my glory was i had such friends!}

reflecting, planning, breathing,
budgeting (woof- always).
drinking an entire pot of expresso.

opened my computer to find this:

"be safe. 
drink lots of water.
remember your creator.
make sure no one is following you home and lock your doors.
eat at least one croissant for me [even if you feel sick, please make the sacrifice].
remember you are loved for more than you do." 

then as I was looking for something else,
i stumbled upon this from almost a year ago:

"you are beautiful
you are loved
you are magnificent.

you are insanely creative
beautifully honest
and love with wild abandonment.

you love deeply.
you love courageously.
you love openly.

you laugh without fear,
the kind that overflows with joy and is contagious.
you are talented
you are smart
you are successful.

you are human,
but you live in grace.
you show others grace
you show yourself grace.

you are lovely, deep, bold and true.
you are tough
you are sensitive
you are loved, so so so loved."

I'm reminded, across the world from the people I love,
feeling like I've gotten very good at failing at everything I attempt with bravery,
that I am cared for, believed in, loved.
I am so very lucky.

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