Wednesday, January 25, 2012

this week i fell in love with twitter

i typically view social media like 
'the mean girl' in highschool.
my life would probably be better off without it,
(my self-esteem sure would)
but i feel like if i have any chance at surviving,
i need it.
(it's very good at what it does).
i go through the same thoughts as everyone else:
"why do i even have this?"
"who are all these people on here?"
"i don't think this person ever talked to me once in highschool."
"i should delete these and be forced to live my life (what's right in front of me), 
and be intentional with my relationships."
"oh gawd, would anyone even notice or miss me??"
"every girl is prettier than me."
"everyone is having more fun than me,
and doing better, bigger things with their life."
it has a natural talent to foster insecurity,
and fear,
and some weird level of popularity.
it makes you want it,
and check it, 
and feel sad.
and jealous.
(when you probably have no reason to).
my life is a mess, but i'll be damned is it doesn't look FANtastic online.
online, i'm cool...and hip...and as pretty as i want to be (cuz i can 'un-tag' any picture where i have a double chin or look like a doofus)...and artsy...and happy & fun.
(like me (please, like me))

this week i fell in love with twitter.
i've been on twitter for a few years now,
but this week was just so fun.
(and it's only halfway through).
this week i laughed myself to sleep, twice.
this week was full of:
political rants
hilarious & sweet memories
clever banter
one man comedy stands
sibling love
good music
good photos
great blogs
funny, funny friends.

this week, twitter did the one thing that social media has never been able to do before.
it made me feel closer to the things that i'm far away from
(instead of farther away).

this week twitter, i love you.
i'm not sure how long this love affair will last,
but for now, i'm into it.

as for the rest of social media...
i'll keep hangin',
and tolerating,
and not trying too hard to be cool,
and not getting too jealous of how pretty girls are,
and grand notions, and 'likes'.
and setting boundaries to protect the emotional state of my heart.
i'll keep appreciating your value in staying connected with the ones i love.
the ones who are far, or near,
or just need a good laugh via a poke or inside joke.

i befriended the 'mean girl' in highschool by the way,
and she was actually quite nice,
and really insecure.
we're still friends (barely),
but she's happy with a couple of kids,
and we mean something to each other. 
something significant.
hell, we're friends on facebook.