Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i'm just a silly girl.

I’m simple.
I like good food, good company, fine spirits, great coffee, and things like naps in the sunshine.
I would wear a grey t-shirt and boots everyday if I could. (I guess I can, but I won’t).
I’m thankful for the people who surround me.
I like running. and yoga. and hiking.
I love tattoos.
and sparkles.
and laughing. (a lot).
Laying on the floor and listening to vinyls is my favourite.
I think I have the best dog.
I like making things with my hands.
and dancing. and singing. and playing. and being silly (and talking in accents).
I love photography and making new friends.
and kissing (I like kissing a lot, kissing is good).
I’m complex.
I over-think most everything.
I get excited too easily,
and feel too deeply.
I’m too honest, and too available. (if that’s a thing).
I try really hard at life and to be good to people.
I’m my worst critic (and even after getting into Parsons Paris, question my ability as an artist).
I am kind to strangers and other drivers (mostly).
I go to bed with way too many thoughts swirling in my head.
I own too many colours of nail polish. (and sunglasses).
I dream dreams.
I like to remember things. (and how they felt).
I think about the ‘what ifs’ and all the things that I would go back and do differently.
But, when I lay my head down at night, I make a habit of having no regrets (mostly).
I feel good about who I am (mostly).
I try to be here now (mostly).
I feel excited about the things to come (mostly).

I just wanna do life together and figure out the rest along the way.
I wanna walk places holding hands, and discover new things.
I wanna enjoy the rain and sea together.
I’m simple and complex.
I’m just a silly girl.
Keep me.