Thursday, December 15, 2011

the mcguire shop: oh you fancy, huh?

i have the most talented and lovely of friends.
they make, create, dream.
they mold stuff with their hands,
with their hearts.
they adventure together. they're socialites.
they care about people, humanitarian efforts, twine.
beeswax.leather.beautiful handcrafted goods.
they are rustic and bold and classy.
they are, the McGuires.

here are some of the things they create:

burnt orange crocheted cowl & brown mittens

bullet hole, handmade leather flask

simple, brass, leather bound journal

check out 'The McGuire Shop on FB' and likeum!

in need of a christmastime gift, holiday scarf, delishhous flask for any occasion?
oh my, it here:

follow them on Twitter too

ok: go, shop, delight yourself.
(you won't regret it!)

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  1. Thank you Tannia for this blog shout out! such an honor to be supported and promoted on here!