Sunday, September 11, 2011

where everybody knows yer name.

so tonight, i realized i spend too much time at trader joes.

there is this cashier who has the same birthday as me,
and he calls me 'birthday twin'.
he's super earthy and has dreads & bohemian piercings.
he's always talking to me about our sign
& how taurus' are so 'down to earth'
and the friendliest people.
i've told him that i think he got an extra dose of 'down to earth',
and i have a little bit more of the 'strong-willed' taurus in me.
he likes to reframe it and call me 'strong-hearted'.

there's another gal named jen who's been saying for months
that she wants to get her nose pierced if she could find a
little gold hoop like mine.
i told her that i made it, and if she gets her nose pierced i'd make her one.

tonight, i ran to get coffee for the morning,
and wine for tonight.
jen was stocking something and i exclaimed,
"hey jen, you got your nose pierced! looks so good."

meanwhile dreads calls from across the row of registers,
"jen, you know birthday twin?"
jen says, "no, just from here. but tannia's the reason i got my nose pierced!"
i tell her that i'll make her a gold hoop and bring it in next time.

dreads hollers, "see- taurus, friendliest people i know."

as i drive home i laugh and think,
welp it's not Cheers, but i'll take it.
good thing they don't sell art supplies
or i'd probably have a cot in the back room.

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