Monday, September 19, 2011

...say africa...

last week i went to see mr ray lamontagne.
the only other listed musician was brandi carlile.
so when a little african man with a guitar came out on stage,
i was a bit more than intrigued.
he started to speak & i instantly knew he was south african.

he introduced himself and played incredible music.
he could scat like crazy,
and had stories & lyrics about war,
adventure and the apartheid.
he sang songs about the grandfathers of all nations.

he introduced what would become my favourite song.
he said, "this is a song about a troubadour who travels all
over the world, but no matter where he is,
there is something deep inside his heart,
that says (in a whisper) africa.
this is a song about going home."

in the middle of one of the toughest weeks of my life,
he brought life and light
to dark and dying places of my soul.
the chorus says:
{i may be walking in the streets,
of a city called amsterdam,
but the dust on my boots,
and the rhythm of my feet,
and my heartbeat~ say africa}

he was so lovely.
he thanked the audience a thousand times,
and danced his way right off stage.
he was flying back to south africa in the morning.

the next day,
i could not stop thinking about that song.
i decided to see if i could find it online,
and if he was well known in south africa.

um, he only opened for the FIFA world cup in 2010.
ha! what a humble and darling soul.


let's go home.


  1. Jeez Ta. I don't think there's a song in this world that was made for you like this one. Beautiful song.