Saturday, February 15, 2014


thursday morning.
french is my only class of the day.
it's at 9am.
it's not the easiest to get up and go in the dark, rainy months of Paris.
but i'm a committed student ;) 
this thursday, got up, out of coffee, must settle for the gross machine 0,50€ espresso at school.
espresso machine, broken.
go to french with my water bottle, tired and hungry.
this is gonna be a lonnnnng hour and a half. 
my teacher is excellent and tries to teach us in all different ways.
today we are learning french history and reading aloud.
one person, one sentence. 
things like: mayotte  (an island) made an alliance with france to not become madagascar, etc.
zoned out to the max.
'Tannia- s'il vous plaît'
huh? oui!
(frantically trying to find the spot on the page).
"what-." i look up at him.
'....s'il vous plaît...'
THIS was my sentence(s):

"Une ordonnance royale de 1846 y a aboli l'esclavage. La France n'a étabil son protectorat sur les autres îles qu'environ un demisiècle plus tard (de 1886 à 1892), constituant un peu plus tard la colonie de "Mayotte et dépendances" rattachée par la loi du 25 juillet 1912 à Madagascar, alors colonie française." 

longest, most complicated sentence, in the history of the world.
the dates. aren't like back home- 1892 for example.
1892: eighteen ninety-two
in french: un mil huit quatre-vingt-douze 
(which sounds like: un mill wheat cat vaughn dooze)
which translated is: 1 million, eight, four times twenty plus twelve
their 90 is not one word: ninety, it's math: twenty four times plus ten
everything after the number 50 is actually, and with no rhyme or reason, each its own complicated math puzzle. 
ok- i'm lucky if i get the regular numbers right, i'm now adding, multiplying, recalling the entire 1-100 grid and hitting up the millions. 
brain, overload. 
or a nap.

i got both after class. 

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