Thursday, March 15, 2012

we shall continue to run hot.

if the only thing i ever had to do was
engage people,
read things
& observe beauty,
i still would never have enough moments in my lifetime.

there are so so many great writings,
gorgeous images,
complex conversations,
& insights.
humanity is so impressive to me.
people are so talented, passionate, fragile.

this came to me today from a friend,
from a friend,
from a friend.
as i read it (while i sat in traffic),
i was CAPtivated.
it is easily one of the best things i've read in a while.
mostly because it generated the following things:

i wish i could attribute your name to this post,
but i suppose you wouldn't mind, given the content. 
thank you for your life.
and your heart.
and your mind. 


"I do truly hope, when it all shakes out that love wins mightily. Forsaking all rationale and reason, that the terrifically stupid and horrendously unfair realities are righted. I am very suspicious as to whether my desire is actually going to happen, but I won't so easily yield my hope and belief in it. I won't be so easily drug away. I'm not so certain of what I would think of myself if I was.

We all know the fuel we burn in this life whether intellectually, spiritually, relationally, or materialistically. It is at some level frightening and humbling, but it is also very enlightening. I forget that I must be aware the life I possess is wildly fragile. It scares me, its impermanence. It is always begging for me to fear, to stop, and to quit. It whispers don't hope, don't love, don't sacrifice, because all these acts will surely drain you dry.

However, sometimes... it is important that we remind this broken planet that some of us F****** refuse to acknowledge that. In our insanity that is hope, we beg to be destroyed and broken for love. We relish the war we shall never win, because we so love the battles we have. We wear each tear, scar, and drop of blood as badges of commendation. We shall not abandon our loves and our hopes, we shall continue to run hot until we either are truly the victors or are consumed in the attempt.

This is my own reminder, but to those in search, to those akin and most certainly to the ones who run on the same brand of diesel as I... hold fast to your hopes, press on for your beliefs, and NEVER go quietly. May love prevail above all regardless it's cost, and may I truly be the kind of man fit and willing to abide by the statement."

may we all.

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